Investment projects support

Legal examination of land plots and construction sites
Due Diligence of real estate objects and construction in progress for the purpose of their acquisition, restoration, reconstruction, completion of construction
Advising on the application of urban planning legislation and the implementation of capital investments
Legal support of transactions with land plots and real estate of any level of complexity
Accompanying the receipt of permits (construction passports, town planning conditions and restrictions, technical conditions depending on the projected communications and altitude, limits, etc.), as well as other documents required for construction, demolition of buildings, commissioning, restoration, reconstruction
Legal support of construction processes at all stages (conclusion of investment agreements, agreements on joint activities, on the delegation of functions of the construction customer, protocols of intent, design agreements, general contracting, contracting, subcontracting, supply, author's and technical supervision, for connecting communications, etc.)
Representation of clients' interests in state authorities (including supervisory authorities) and local authorities
State registration of rights to real estate (initial registration of newly built objects, registration of the transfer of rights), registration and removal of encumbrances on real estate
Full design cycle:
- Urban planning, draft design, general plan project
- residential and public buildings, structures
- cottage villages, cottage townships
- car dealerships, service stations, car washes
- buildings of medical institutions, schools, kindergartens
- improvement objects
- solar power plants (SES)
- landfills for municipal solid waste (MSW)
Construction supervision, survey work